The reason why I do animation is because it allows me to bring my characters to life. Animation allows my to give my creations and drawings a bit of substance, something they didn’t have before. I got into this work when I joined the Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA) in my freshman year of high school. The skills I acquired while in the animation program will give me a head start in my future career in either game design or mechanical engineering.
When I start a project, I begin with a basic shape, depending on what I’m trying to build, and begin to add vertices, which makes it easier to manipulate the shape of the object as I make it more detailed. I like to use the four-view, which allows me to view the object from the front, top, and sides. I like using the merge vertices tool because it eliminates the possibility of overlapping edges, causing glitches in the model.
Currently, I am working on a model of a house to-scale for an architecture scholarship. This is kind of the product of many previous projects such as building clubhouses, buildings, schools, etc. I am attempting to create a house that is living-worthy, that has all the commodities a person would need.